God is great, and my witchcraft powers are strong. Back in late-March, I helped launch the Future Female Leaders book club. For our first book in April, we ended up selecting American Royals, by Katharine McGee. I loved the book, and coincidentally, I first read an arc of it LAST April, so yay serendipity. I reread the book for book club and loved it all over again, and then God smiled and the e-ARC of the sequel, and the concluding book in this narrative, Majesty, dropped into my inbox. AHHH!!!! So yes, I read this over a two and a half day period in April, but I loved it,it’s a good conclusion to the story, even if it’s not what I wanted for some of the characters, and I’m so happy you all can read this story soon!

Spoilers ahead for American Royals, obviously.

When American Royals ended, Beatrice’s father died and she was officially becoming the first Queen of America. Now that she’s in charge, the forces at large are pushing her and Teddy to set a wedding date. But what about Connor? Will Beatrice follow her heart? What if her heart changes directions? And what is she going to do to stake her claim as queen and make sure she comes out as strong as her father was?

Samantha has spent her life as the spare,but will she rise to the occasion when she becomes the heir? With Teddy engaged to her sister, Samantha starts looking elsewhere for a love connection, and she may find her heart doing a little more beating than she thought it would for someone else who appeared in Beatrice’s binder of suitors.

When the first book ended, Nina and Jeff were officially over and Nina was ready to turn her back on the royal life…but is she ready to turn her back on love? Maybe not…but that doesn’t mean it’s not just as complicated.

Daphne will do anything to get Jeff and become a true princess, but is she willing to risk her reputation, and her heart?  When someone that could ruin everything for Daphne gets a chance to speak, will Daphne do what it takes to silence them? And will she get her happy ending?

And then there’s Jeff, Ethan, old characters and new, and a chamberlain who I think should be sent to the guillotine.

Overall, I don’t think this book was as strong as American Royals, but there is also no way it could have been. I wish we had seen a little bit more of these characters–another hundred pages, please!–but I have hopes for an extended universe. This story is wrapped up when this story ends, and I think the ending makes sense for the characters…almost in a way that hurts, ya know? Maybe I was expecting a little more uh…death and murder, a la Thousandth Floor. Alas, haha. But I loved the romances in this one as much as in the first, I loved the way Beatrice had to deal with the big issues, and I’m glad there was less Nina because she was kind of boring in this one, TBH. Also…Daphne, girl…girl….

Anyway, check out how the story of these American Royals wraps up when Majesty hits shelves September 1, 2020.


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