In a Holidaze

Christina Lauren can do no wrong in my book, and their new holiday romance (which I PREDICTED) is the perfect read no matter the time of year. I read this book in May, during a global pandemic, and loved it! It’s a little Groundhogs Day, a little Love Actually, with hints of my favorite book by them–Love & Other Words.

We meet Mae Jones (who has more nicknames than anyone I have ever met LOL) as her family’s annual holiday vacation with another family is coming to an end. Thing suck. Mae kissed her longtime best friend Theo, and then he was weird about it the next morning. Lisa & Ricky announced they were selling the beloved cabin. And then, on the way to the airport, they are in a car accident and Mae wakes up on a plane…at the beginning of the vacation. It’s December 20th now, and she’s heading back to the cabin, but will she figure out why she’s reliving this vacation? And will she make the same mistakes, or different ones? Will she finally reveal her longtime crush on Theo’s older brother, Andrew, and will it be reciprocated? Will the cabin still get sold? There’s holiday antics, a family unit you’ll want to live with forever, and a sweet, blooming romance!

I always feel like Christina Lauren books are EXACTLY what I maybe I should get around to reading the Beautiful series, huh? Or will that make my pent up pandemic life even more frustrating? Anyway, this book was great. It’s was fun, low-stakes romance with someone you’ve known forever–both my favorite trope and one that makes me unable to sleep at night because youknowwhy–and the holiday antics are adorable. This could be a Hallmark Movie in the BEST WAY, ya know? It’s got the bits of depth that Christina & Lauren do so well but with the smoldering romance and characters you want to spend even more time with.

In a Holidaze is on sale everywhere October 6, 2020.


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