Camelot Betrayal

This November, we return to the land of Camelot in the next book in Kiersten White’s take on the legend of King Arthur and his court.

In the Guinevere Deception, the “new Guinevere” comes to court, marries Arthur, falls for Mordred, and quickly gets in over her head, awakening the Queen of the Dark. Oops!

In this one, Guinevere also faces supernatural forces, but she also faces a very human threat: the arrival of the true Guinevere’s new sister, Guineveche. Will her sister recognize that she is not the true Guinevere? And if she does and doesn’t say anything, does that mean she’s in league with the darkness, or has aspirations of her own?

Add in Lancelot adjusting to her power as a knight as well as handling the optics of her friendship with Guinevere, a husband who won’t even kiss Guinevere goodnight, and a quest to save another queen, and this book is chock full of Camelot adventures, bits of magic, and quests after quests.

While I’m not the BIGGEST fan of retellings and King Arthur lore, I find these books the right mix of fantasy and adventure–without leaning too far into WHY magic works, without straying TOO far or TOO close to the mythology, and it’s pretty enjoyable. I’m still not sure where exactly this story will take the inevitable Lancelot question, or how it will deviate with the Mordred stuff, and I probably won’t think much about this book before the next one comes out, but i’ll definitely read book three.


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