Act Your Age, Eve Brown

As of the writing of this review, I have read all 3 Brown Sisters books in less than a month and now I’m staring out my window into a rainy evening wondering what to do next.

I’m not the biggest romance reader. IDK, I don’t mind them, but sex scenes can make me cringe sometimes, and I have attachment issues, blah blah blah. And yet I could not put these books down. The characters felt so REAL and alive in unique ways–they were super diverse and introduced me to new things all the time, they are charmingly British without being stodgy, the sex scenes were spicy but not cringey, and now I’m sad that I’m all done.

While this is the third book in the series, I imagine you can read them independently. Sure, you’ll be spoiled for who the other sisters end up with, but it’s a romance so…come on. You already knew the answer. That’s the beauty of this.

Eve Brown is 26-ish and has not yet settled herself. She tries on careers like hats and runs away when she has a brush with failure. She still lives at home and she’s perfectly content to keep trying until her parents give her an ultimatum: get a job and get a home or the trust fund’s gone.

This leads Eve, always level headed *sarcasm*, on a drive into the country where she comes across a B&B looking for a cook. Well…why not her? Except…Eve’s never really been a cook before, but she can cook, so why not? Well….she and the owner, Jacob, an autistic man who has put his life into the B&B, is immediately put off by her bright colors, lack of CV, and then, to make things better, Eve hits him with her car when she’s leaving.

While his friend takes him to the hospital, Eve steps in at the B&B to handle the afternoon, and when Jacob comes back, he can’t ignore the fact that he needs her while he recovers. Of course, this being the kind of books it is, sparks fly, and Eve and Jacob can’t ignore their attracion to each other as they find out they have more in common than they think and both grow into fully actualized people while preparing for a, yes I’m serious, gingerbread festival.

So yes, this book is as cute as it sounds, but with some raunch and some singing and some human growth potential (see what I did there?) and I thoroughly enjoyed it and want to abscond to a bed and breakfast as quickly as possible. That is all.


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