December 2020 Reading Recap

It is OVER it is OVER it is finally OVER!

2020 has come to an end, and so has my reading for the year! Okay…as I write this, I’m in the last 100 pages of Crescent City, but I’m going to finish it this evening so I’m counting it as done for the purpose of this blog post, alright?

I’m going to do a full 2020 reading recap blog/vlog, but just know that I read 273 books this year! wow! Less than last year, LOL, despite the pandemic, but some quality reads.Last year, I made it a goal to read 100 graphic novels, which I did, so that definitely helped by 2019 numbers.

Let’s talk about December though!

Here’s what I read this month:

  • Park Avenue Summer
  • You Say It First
  • Three Breaths and Begin
  • The Plus (Review for FFL)
  • White Ivy (BOTM)
  • The President Will See You Now
  • My Year of Rest and Relaxation
  • Meet You in the Middle (ARC)
  • Ties That Tether (BOTM)
  • Delicate (GN ARC)
  • Pretty Little Wife (BOTM)
  • Women Heroes of the American Revolution
  • Jackie and Maria
  • Concrete Rose (ARC)
  • Joe Biden
  • Meg and Jo
  • Pride and Prejudice (Audio)
  • The Wrong Family (ARC)
  • You’re The Only One I’ve Told
  • shine your icy crown (ARC)
  • The Project (ARC)
  • Impersonation
  • You Never Forget Your First (audio re-listen)
  • Pride and Premeditation (Audio ARC)
  • Karen’s Worst Day (GN)
  • Crescent City: House of Blood and Bone

Not too shabby for a holiday month, right? I made some godo progress on my BOTM books…but I’ve still got a ton (aka: 13) to read…and another two on the way. Crap. I really enjoyed some of these books, struggled through others, but on we go!

In January, I’m hoping to kick off my reading right by starting with the Orchard, and then doing all 8 Amulet graphic novels, some January and February ARCs, and finally reading Where The Crawdads Sing (to discuss with a book club at my library). Fingers crossed!

Stay tuned for my full 2020 reading recap in the coming weeks!






One response to “December 2020 Reading Recap”

  1. vee_bookish Avatar

    That’s amazing! I’m currently rewatching the Pride & Prejudice movie.


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