What’s Making Me Happy: January 29th

When I sat down to write this, I actually thought to myself, ‘well nothing is making me happy this week’ which is just sad, isn’t it? It’s also not really true. Sure, I had an “eh” week and I’m not like over the moon with any of the books I’m reading this week, and I’m still listening to drivers license on repeat. But I am doing one thing for ME, and I think it’s great: I am rewatching Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

So backstory: I have not been able to set up my modem/router to make my Smart TV work–it led to a terrible monday cry fest over the dumbness of it all–but I do have Sabrina on DVD, and I am watching season 1 and just really enjoying myself. The guest stars! The 90s fashion!

It’s such a comfort. Sabrina has ALWAYS been a comfort for me, but now this feels like intentional self-care in avoiding having to call Xfinity AGAIN and I get to just lose myself in stories I know well but also see anew on a 53rd rewatching, or whatever.

I am looking forward to Season 2 and seeing my alltime favorite Sabrina episode–the one where she gets addicted to pancakes.

That’s what is making me happy–and hopeful–this week. It may be lame…but it’s what I’ve got right now.





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