What’s Making Me Happy: February 5th, 2021

It’s only week 5/6 of this, and I’m already struggling with identifying a pop culture thing that is making me happy without just simply talking about the books I’m reading. I don’t listen to music a lot, I haven’t had an internet with TV the past three weeks, and I’m a bit…eh, about a lot right now so this week I want to talk about what’s bringing me back to life: playing Rummikub with my SO.

Rummikub, yes the tile gin rummy game. My grandparents and I always play it together, but my SO is REALLY Good and we’re really evenly matched when we play, so it truly takes a lot of mental energy to play, in the best way. We still talk and drink and stuff while we play, but it’s nice to just focus on a game of tiles on a table and not think about emails, the next day’s plans, etc.

I didn’t play that many board games during peak pandemic quarantine because my roommate was working from home full time and when he was gone, I was alone, so I didn’t prioritize game time when I was with others. But now….now I want to play Rummikub all the time.

That’s what is making me happy.





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