Goodnight Beautiful

Aimee Molloy is taking domestic thrillers head on and flipping our expectations and assumptions on their head in this book. I ordered it from Book of the Month a few months back, finally got around to it, and actually GASPED several times while reading. The early twists were SO good and even by the end I was content enough.

Sam Statler is a therapist who moves home to his sleepy hometown of Chestnut Hill with his wife and sets up his new private office in the basement of a large house. Little does he know, as he talks to patients about their problems and does office work, he can be heard from upstairs through a vent. When Sam goes missing during a storm, all eyes turn on him, his new wife, his patients, and his mounting credit card debt. Where is Sam? Did he run away from his wife and his problems, becoming who his Dad was all over again? Did he crash his car? Did something even more nefarious happen? It’s hard to say much more about this multi-POV novel without giving the BIGGEST twist away, but I totally recommend reading this.

It’s a pretty short book–300 ish pages–and paced very well. The twists are dotted throughout well and truly made me gasp out loud, which doesn’t happen much anymore. I felt that it slowed towards the end and became a bit more predictable, but the high of the first twist (the phone call!) hit me so hard I still gave it five stars.

Definitely a good read if you’re a long-time reader of domestic suspense and want something a bit fresh and even cheeky in the genre! Everything you’ll assume from page one will come unraveled.


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