What’s Making Me Happy: February 19, 2021

This week has been WEIRD, am I right? I’ve felt a bit off all week—struggling to focus, struggling to eat full meals, got a lil sick, drank a lot of cinnamon apple tea.

But sometime mid-Wednesday, when I needed to move the four feet from my bed to my couch, I discovered a new sitcom, and it’s kitschy sitcom-ness is what is making me happy this week.

This week, Call Me Kat, is what is making me happy.

Ok, in all honesty, I had heard of this sitcom briefly because Schuyler Helford, aka Josh Groban’s girlfriend in my world, is a guest character on the show–though not as much as I thought. Her few appearances are splendid though.

Anyway, I was scrolling through Hulu, saw it on there, and there were 7 episodes and it as a low commitment, so I hit play.

The show stars Mayim Bialik, yes from Big Bang, as a single 39 year old who runs a cat cafe. It’s one of those low-stakes show–no one’s going to die. It’s got good ensemble potential. Breaks the 4th wall a lot. Has CATS. Isn’t ALL about romance.

And it’s funny. Sometimes in a “oh jeez” way, but funny nonetheless. It’s also just so simple and it’s set in Kentucky, my homeland. Though I’m on episode 5 and there hasn’t been a joke about Ale-8 yet….

Leslie Jordan plays the cafe’s delightfully gay, funky little old baker, and there’s an episode where the cafe gets called homophobic because Phil, Jordan’s character, doesn’t want to bake a cake for the gay wedding of his ex-partner. He’s got some great one-liners.

Give it a watch if you need some low-stakes laugh during a snowstorm.


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