What’s Making Me Happy: February 26, 2021

You know, when I launched this series–I do something “special” every year on Fridays..I never anticipated struggling with it this much. It’s not that things AREN’T making me happy…I don’t necessarily feel sad, but I feel like I’m not exposing myself to that much NEW pop culture because in a pandemic, visiting known entities and old favorites is really comforting. But instead of talking about how much I enjoyed re-watching Mamma Mia 2 last night, I’m going to talk about the one new thing I did watch this week: I Care a Lot, a new movie on Netflix.

A new movie with Rosamund Pike? Okay, count me in. I knew it was about her being bad–and I loved Gone Girl, so I was sold. Little did I know, it also had Peter Dinklage in it! In my defense, I hadn’t actually watched the trailer, I’d just heard buzz about it.

The rundown is that Rosamund Pike is a very very pretty woman who unethically takes control of the property/guardianship rights of elderly people, commits them sometimes against their will, and basically legally robs them. There’s lots of incompetent judges, bamboozling, doctors fraud, et cetera. Along the way there’s her assistant-sexy-lady-lover and a cadre of assorted people, and then there’s her new target: Jennifer Petersen, who is of sound mind and body, but who Rosamund’s character, Marla, gets locked into a home. But Jennifer’s not the “cherry” they think…because she’s got family who CARE about her..and Marla’s going to have to fight like hell to keep her.

Here’s the trailer:

Overall, I liked the film! It has a good dark-comedy vibe, Peter Dinklage was great, some stuff was so outlandish or unexpected that I cackled, and the ending gave me big Elizabeth Holmes Vibes. Four stars all around, because Rosamund Pike is great. I like how she absolutely refused to be type-cast as a Jane Bennett forever, LOL.

I Care A Lot is streaming now on Netflix.


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