The Soulmate Equation

Christina Lauren has never let me down–and their new book, out this May, is no exception. I was having one of *those* days when you just cannot get into anything, and then I dove into the digital ARC I had of The Soulmate Equation and couldn’t come up for air. It was sweet, adorable, fun, and the perfect read. I think this should be the beach read of the summer this year, TBH.

Jess Davis is a single mom and free-lance statistician who lives with her grandparents and is perfectly content with her life, but she hasn’t been on a GOOD date in years, so when a regular at the coffee shop she frequents is supposedly starting a dating site that matches you via DNA, she agrees, along with her best friend Fizzy, to spit in the vial. The company–GeneticAlly–is led by coffee shop frequenter and kind of grump River Pena, but Jess isn’t worried about it too much…until her match profile comes back and she and River match with 98% compatibility. Neither of them want to believe it could be true, but the company could really use this boost in PR before they go public, so a contract is drawn up and suddenly, Jess and River are getting to know each other in the public eye and suddenly, the attraction isn’t just on the page anymore. But what if it’s all rooted in a lie?

This book was SUPER adorable–low stakes, high cute, a little flame, and so much heart. I just love what Christina Lauren can do with a story. We dive right in, the situation is super cool (DNA matchmaking? Aight, sign me up) and Jess’s daughter and River’s interactions with her made me want to spring out of my apartment in pursuit of the nearest single dad. Soooo cute. I also LOVED the character of Fizzy (a bodice-ripper-esque Romance Novelist) and the inclusion of Jess’s grandparents. Also big LOL and *yikes* to Jess’s mom and her pyramid scheme. Too real world? A little. But relatable, yes.

This is a perfect read if you just want an escape and to smile wide and not want to put the book down—and we could all use more of those in our lives, couldn’t we?

The Soulmate Equation is on sale everywhere this May.





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    Nice review 😊 thanks for sharing your review.
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