What’s Making Me Happy: March 12, 2021

Hello, it’s me again, writing from the depths of despair and pandemic fatigue and listlessness, and I’m here with an oldie but goodie that I have rediscovered, and YES IT IS MAKING ME HAPPY.

IT IS LIBERTY’S KIDS. The PBS kids show that made patriots of us all!

So backstory—I do the online reference chat for my public library system, and we make tickets for big issues we need more help with, that need follow up, that come in after hours, etc. Well, I am a good employee and an eager beaver, so sometimes I check tickets on the weekend–my off time–just to make sure customer issues are handled in a timely manner, see if say oh, an entire database went down, etc. Last week, I was checking tickets, and someone had asked about Kanopy (a great resource) and Liberty’s Kids episode 9 not playing.

Which made me go ‘Wait a HOT SECOND. Liberty’s Kids is on Kanopy?”
And away I went. Liberty’s Kids HIT RIGHT let me tell you. The perfect “work from home” show–especially since i’m in DAR and a librarian and like kids and all that jazz. Oh yeah, and Aaron Carter sings the theme. It was kind of like watching Arthur–just reassuring, though I was impressed with how it incorporated trivia, diverse characters, different moments of the revolution, etc.

It also had an impressive voice cast–Walter Cronkite as Ben Franklin, Annette Benning as Abigail Adams, Charles Shaughnessy as King George III, Dustin Hoffman as Benedict Arnold, Warren Buffet as James Madison, Liam Neeson as John Paul Jones, Sylvester Stallone as Paul Revere, etc.

Unfortunately, Kanopy Kids only have 10 episodes–the first ten, I believe, on there.

Luckily–the internet is a mighty thing, and there are a TON of them (if not all) on Youtube. There were 40 episodes made in total–all around 20 minutes long.

Go forth, learn. You’re welcome.


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