What’s Making Me Happy: March 19, 2021

SURPRISE! I’m Actually SUPER happy this week–a lot of things are going my way! I got good career news, good financial news, good puppy-related news, and a VACCINE APPOINTMENT. Woo woo!

But this blog isn’t about my vaccine. It’s about pop culture, et al, and so I’m talking about the song I’m listening to on repeat this week: 2DRUNK by Nick Jonas.

Nick Jonas, of the Jonas Brothers obviously, released a solo album this past week–NO MOM, that does not mean the Jonas Brothers are breaking up.

It’s full of the usual Nick Jonas stuff–sexy beats, random high notes, basically a love letter to his hot wife–good for him.

But in this song…2DRUNK…IDK why, but I’m bopping to it. I was bopping to it all weekend. And the he dropped the DELUXE album, which included a JoBros song (Selfish!) and a “chill” version of 2DRUNK and dang…it’s even catchier?

Give it a listen, and let me know if it’s making you happy too!





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