What’s Making Me Happy–March 26, 2021

We’re back again, mid-pandemic, with a deep attempt to find some happiness in life. What’s making me happy this week?

Well….I don’t really know. I’m REAL busy right now—running around with no one to blame but myself for saying Yes to so many things, but one things that’s nice to watch and destress with, in the simplest ways, is THE MASKED SINGER.

Yes, I am late to the game. No, I don’t actually like singing competition shows. Yes, I find some of the costumes a bit emotionally scarring. But it’s very low-stakes, I’m not emotionally invested, and there’s occasionally a good song, so it’s official: what’s making me happy this week is my discovery of The Masked Singer about three years later than everyone else.

of course, I don’t have cable, so I watch on Hulu which means when I discovered it, there were already two episodes to watch. And it just goes down so easy. It’s a little lame. It’s a little kooky. It’s very nice to watch during dinner by yourself.

To encompass why this brings me happiness in a weird way, here’s Caitlyn Jenner as a phoenix singing Kesha.

you’re welcome


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