March 2021 Reading Recap

HOW in the world is March 2021 already over? Seriously? Is this a prank? Am I being punked? I feel like this month flew by, and while I know I got a lot of reading done, I also got some GOODDDD news that means my TBR is going to be RUINED for the next year. YAY? Yay.

My favorite book of this month was probably….Untamed? IDK, it was pretty good, LOL. I did like The Heiress Gets a Duke, but the boxing kind of lost it for me. Bridge of Souls, the new VE Schwab MG was pretty good too!

I read LOTS of graphic novels this month–including the entire Dog Man series. Now I can officially call myself a children’s librarian, right?

I also read the new Sarah J Maas book, and I didn’t hate it. I read it a LOT faster than Crescent City, thank God. It is SPICY in the good ways, and not tooooo battle heavy, also thank God.

I read a few ARCs–including the new Sandhya Menon, Becky Albertalli, and Taylor Jenkins Reid. Reviews forthcoming, obviously.

Here’s what I read in March 2021:

  • You Love Me (ARC)
  • Legendborn
  • Bridge of Souls (audio)
  • The Heiress Gets a Duke (BOTM)
  • The Crossover: Graphic Novel
  • Check Please #2 Sticks and Scones
  • Untamed
  • Of Princes and Promises (ARC)
  • Maids (GN)
  • The Trials of Phillis Wheatley (DAR Book Club)
  • The Plain Janes (GN)
  • Miracle Creek
  • InvestiGators (GN)
  • Middle School Misadventures (GN)
  • Malibu Rising (ARC)
  • The Guest List
  • Kate in Waiting (ARC)
  • The Midnight Library (audio) (book club)
  • A Universe of Wishes
  • Dog Man #1
  • Dog Man #2
  • Dog Man #3
  • Dog Man #4
  • Dog Man #5
  • Dog Man #6
  • Dog Man #7
  • Dog Man #8
  • Dog Man #9
  • Dog Man #10
  • No Pains No Gaines (audio)
  • A Court of Silver Flames

That’s 31 books! Let’s see what I can do in April….

spoiler alert: it won’t be 31 books, LOL






2 responses to “March 2021 Reading Recap”

  1. vee_bookish Avatar

    I loved Legendborn! I hope the sequel is just as good.


  2. Louise Avatar

    Wow, you read so many! I really want to read Legendborn. I hope April turns out to be just as good for you!

    Liked by 1 person

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