What’s Making Me Happy: April 2, 2021

It’s time, kids.

This week, what’s making me happy is a TIK TOK trend.

Okay, spoiler alert..I’m not on Tik Tok. but I am constantly watching Reels on Instagram, so I’m basically on Tik Tok.

And this weekend, my most re-shared Tik Toks have been the hilarious ones to the song “My back is aching my bra too tight my hip’s shaking from left to right.”

You know the one..and if you don’t…here’s a big ole compilation for you.

My favorite’s are, of course, the ones that hit too close to home.

“When he calls me pretty vs when he calls me a good girl”

“When I drink Dunkin vs When I drink Starbucks”

“When he’s emotionally available vs when he ghosts me”

It’s funny cuz it hurts…right?

Anyway, enjoy the Toks! I know I am.

And don’t let anyone make you feel bad about something that makes you happy! Even if it takes away all your free time, LOL.






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