What’s Making Me Happy” April 9, 2021

What’s making me happy this week? Well, it’s what is making every white woman in America happy–new Taylor Swift music. Specifically, the freaking BOP that is Mr. Perfectly Fine.

Give it a listen

I think my favorite part about this is that it’s clearly about Joe Jonas, her Fearless-era breakup via a 27 second phone call, etc. And that Sophie Turner, Joe Jonas’s wife, shared that she was listening to it on Instagram. The internet loves this stuff.

And so do I, because I think it reminds us of what a lot of people loved about driver’s license. Sometimes, a breakup DOES feel like the end of the world. And you can write a killer song about it. And it’s not a dig at someone you broke up with a decade ago to release it now. It’s a good song. You’re both grown people. One of you has a wife and child. It’s not a “dig” in that she’s trying to say you’re still like that. It was capturing a moment in time, the aftermath of a breakup, and we can all bop along to it without trying to make “drama” about it.

So yes, Mr. Perfectly Fine is what is making me happy this week, and I can’t wait for Fearless (Taylor’s Version) to hit my Iphone music app because I still buy music like a NERD.


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