What’s Making Me Happy: April 23, 2021

This week, let’s talk about how movie musicals–even when panned by the critics–will always make me happy. This Monday, I was having a DAY. And there was so much on my plate that if I lifted it, it would have cracked in half. AND the Union Station Starbucks was closed. And I had to run home and take a test on Microsoft Powerpoint. But during that test, to occupy my brain space, I turned on the movie The Greatest Showman, and I was reminded that even when life is hard, or stress-y, there are always movie musicals.

The Greatest Showman was so compelling that I saw it twice in theatres. It doesn’t hold a CANDLE though, to the movie I had on while finishing cooking at 10pm on Monday, Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again, which I saw in theatres FIVE times. In my defense, it was the summer I was home right after college, and it was the summer of Movie Pass.

And so, I challenge you, when feeling stressed, to watch one of these two movies, and I DARE YOU NOT TO SING ALONG.

you’re welcome. that’s what’s making me happy.


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