What’s Making Me Happy: April 30, 2021

Help, I am drowning in crap. I am over my head with commitments, and finding moments of sheer happiness is….not easy. And I don’t want to repeat myself and acknowledge still binging Fearless (Taylor’s Version),but I have been doing that too.

So…I guess I’ll talk about how I went to a movie with a boy on Wednesday night and it was very violent and somehow very soothing? Like, the violence was totally ridiculous, and there was a cat.

So yes, I saw NOBODY, with Bob Odenkirk.

Yes, the dad from the Little Women.

Check the trailer here:

It’s Bob Odenkirk, it’s violent, the Russian mafia is involved, and it’s in the vein of “middle aged action man” but in suburbia, so yes, I had an excellent 92 minutes .

That’s where I’m at…emotionally, LOL.


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