After spending a few days deep, deep in the depths of esoteric non-fiction, I decided to treat myself to the new Kasie West YA romance, and I was not disappointed. I ended up reading this sweet summer read all in one day, and it made me miss camp and flirting and human contact.

As I have mentioned before, I once made it a point to read every Kasie West book–yes, including the weird duology. Her books are a bit cheesy, always adorable, and just easy reads in the BEST way–sometimes they do touch on tough topics, family health crises, divorce, mental illness–but the book reads quickly! You’re drawn in, her chapters are short and poignant, and we always get the swoony HS romance we all only read about in books.

Avery Young loves music and hates conflict, so when she ends up for two months at a family summer camp with her mom, dad, and sister, she’s mostly upset that she doesn’t have access to all her playlists. But when she meets the camp’s dinner band, and it’s leader, Brooks, things start to get a little more interesting for Avery. Thanks to her Dad’s badly phrased explanation of her future, she decides to step out of her comfort zone and try new things, and Brooks is willing to help….as long as she helps him finish a song he’s working on for an upcoming band competition that he views as a “sign.” It’s a journey of self-discovery, summer camp shenanigans, sweet romances, and sisterhood. There’s music, there’s campfires, there’s band tension. It’s adorable, because Kasie West wrote it, obviously.

I found this book just…exactly what I needed. A little Kasie West, a little Erin Hahn, a little Camp Rock. I loved summer camp stories, so this was an interesting take on it–having the whole family there! And No Wifi of course. Brooks is swoony, the sun is hot, the parents are REASONABLE (my favorite! Don’t like ship your kid off to Germany because they broke curfew…) and overall, it was a solid 4 star read for me!





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