May 2021 Reading Recap

I’m not sure how it’s June already. This feels vaguely illegal, and so does the size of my TBR pile, TBH. Too many books! And not enough reading time. But I always do make some time for reading, and here’s what I read in May 2021

In total, I read 23 books–not counting the dozen or so picture books I read, etc.

  • Clues to the Universe (audio)
  • Ladies of the House
  • A Lie Someone Told You About Yourself
  • Survive the Night (ARC)
  • Early Morning Riser
  • The One Thing You’d Save (Audio)
  • A Little Devil in America (Audio)
  • Once There Were Wolves (ARC)
  • Billy Miller Makes a Wish
  • Dawn Raid (Audio)
  • Louisa: The Extraordinary Life of Mrs Adams
  • Beth & Amy (ARC)
  • Dead Weight: Murder at Camp Bloom (GN)
  • Shelf Life: Chronicles of a Cairo Bookseller (ARC)
  • Libertie (Part audio)
  • Klara and the Sun
  • The Maidens (ARC)
  • Witch Please (ARC)
  • Notes on Grief
  • Poison for Breakfast (ARC)
  • A Shot in the Arm (GN)
  • Empire of Pain (audio)
  • The Matzah Ball (ARC)

Some highlights include Empire of Pain–nonfiction about the Sackler family, SO in depth and compelling. Shelf Life, out this November, is great for readers who like to read about reading cultures in other parts of the world. Dead Weight is a great standalone graphic novel. The Matzah Ball was an adorable Jewish #ownvoices rom-com! I also really enjoyed Once There Were Wolves.

Lots of reviews for these scheduled–but yes, I liked the Maidens, but it’s not as Secret History-y as you might hope.

My DAR book club read this month was Louisa: The Extraordinary Life of Mrs. Adams, and it was pretty darn good for a biography of a first lady so early in America’s history.

Looking at June, I need to up my reading and get closer to 1 book a day…fingers crossed I can make it happen!


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