Dead Weight: Murder at Camp Bloom

I love when worlds collide and it results in me finding a new book that I enjoy! I’m in DAR, and was talking about books and graphic novels with my regent, Katie, and she mentioned she had a friend, Molly, who did graphic novels. I looked her up, found out my library stocked her title, and then–a few weeks later–I read Dead Weight: Murder at Camp Bloom. TBH, had no idea what it was about, didn’t even think about the title, but a murder at fat camp? okay, I’m fascinated! Dead Weight: Murder at Camp Bloom (9781620104811): Blas, Terry,  Muldoon, Molly, Seely, Matthew: Books

Come on..isn’t that like the best concept for a stand-alone graphic novel you’ve heard in awhile? Also, yes, I loved that it was standalone, so it was a quick read that I started before bed. The graphics are bright and shiny but also warm and welcoming–just like summer camp. it is VERY campy–in both the fat camp way and the other way, and I think it worked SO well as a graphic novel. You have the kid who doesn’t want to be there, the counselor who lost a bunch of weight, a little murder, suspicious happenings among the staff, and awkward kids banding together to solve the crime!

If you need a break from the world, a good read, and a quick one too, check out Dead Weight: Murder at Camp Bloom by Molly Muldoon, Terry Blas, and Matthew Seely.


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