The Devil and the Heiress

I don’t know what magic was done to line up The Heiress Gets a Duke to release RIGHT after Bridgerton gripped us all, but thank the Gods for that. And now, we’ve got the sequel–The Devil and The Heiress-all about Violet Crenshaw and the devilish rogue Lord Christian Leigh. There’s the usual Gilded Age romance tropes, hidden lust, a runaway young lass, a misunderstanding, attempts at an arranged marriage, all that jazz.

Now that August Crenshaw is off to marry the Duke, you think her parents would be over trying to marry the Crenshaw daughters off…not so fast. Violet, August’s 19 year old sister, dreams of being a published novelist and has no idealizations of marriage, but her father is already negotiating her marriage contract with a less than desirable nobleman.

So she does what any reasonable young lady would do, and plans to absolutely FLEE. On her way though, she runs into Lord Leigh, who offers to escort her. Violet doesn’t see the harm in it, but she also doesn’t see the scheme he’s running on her. Of course, illicit travel plans go EXACTLY how you would anticipate in this romance novel, so get ready for Bridgerton-level pining, lots of inns and only one bed, and learning more about the other than you ever expected–and learning to trust again.

This novel has some pacing issues, and of course some ridiculousness at all times because it’s a Gilded Age romance and we live in 2021, but it was punchy and saucy at times and I overall liked it. It reminded me a lot more of Bringing Down the Duke than Bridgerton, especially compared to the first one, but if you like EITHER of those books, you’ll enjoy this series.

The Devil and the Heiress by Harper George is on sale everywhere June 29, 2021.

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ALSO, by the end of this book, the 3rd pairing is CLEAR and it’s confirmed–The Lady Tempts an Heir is out February 2022!





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