Cool for the Summer

We love a sex-positve bisexual YA novel, don’t we? Good, then let’s talk about how good Cool for the Summer by Dahlia Adler is. I listened to this on audiobook–it was just over 6 hours–and this was the perfect “by the pool” listen/read that has me chuckling, gasping, and ready to read more.

After a GREAT summer in the Outer Banks with her mom, her mom’s boss, and the boss’s outgoing daughter (Jasmine), Larissa is feeling more confident than ever. She’s got a new haircut, and she’s ready to take senior year by storm. And the world seems to be on her side, because suddenly, Chase, the hot football player she’s been in love with forever is paying attention to HER. But then in walks Jasmine on the first day of school, and suddenly Larissa can’t get over the magical summer they spent together. What does Larissa do–go for the guy of her dreams, or the girl she can’t get out of her head?

This book is GOOD. Like, sweet in the best parts, a little horny, full of book references and high school moments that make you be like “ugh true” and also a back and forth between “now” and “then” that keep you on your toes when it comes to Jasmine and Larissa’s unfolding relationship. The other love interest of Chase is also an interesting character-mostly good except for one moment that made me really really anxious. I also just enjoyed the friendship dynamic of this book, and how Larissa wasn’t some “loser” or “nerd” finally getting her hot moment–she was always kind of popular. It helped focus the book on the relationships versus the unfortunate high school trope of “sudden popularity” and questions of authenticity.

Also…she works as a barista at a book store so there’s that!

Cool for the Summer was a solid 4.8 star read for me. It is on sale now wherever books are sold.





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  1. justonemorepaige Avatar

    Mmmmmm bisexual sex positive sounds perfect – every review I see for this one makes me want to read it more.

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