Open Water

Not enough books are written in the second person. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

I didn’t even KNOW that this book, Open Water by Caleb Azumah Nelson, was in the 2nd person. TBH, I picked it up when I did because it was short and I needed to keep my momentum going, but wow. I was blown away by this writing, the concept, the cover. It was so well-done and I cannot wait to recommend this to people.

Yaa Gyasi

Open Water is a love story, a coming of age story, a story of mental health and Black love and growth, but it’s so well-done that it’s amazing it’s all of that in like 160 pages. The use of the second person is employed deftly here as YOU fall in love, find the perils of friendship burgeoning on more, experience the tensions of life as a Black man, and ultimately find the moment of unraveling when it all becomes too much. This is a beautifully written book–compulsive prose, good pacing, and I really recommend picking it up!

Nelson is a strong, strong writer, and I’m eager to check out more. This book is British, you know what I mean, but not like…Casual Vacancy British.

Just give it a try–I’m begging you. You’ll be entrenched.


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  1. indiefan20 Avatar

    I’m adding this to my ‘to-read’ list! The only book I’ve read in second-person is ‘Winter Birds’ by Jim Grimsley, so I’m curious about reading more.

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