While We Were Dating

Need a break from reality? May I present the newest Jasmine Guillory title–a Hollywood romance between a burgeoning star, an ad exec, and a great “fake dating” scheme that goes…exactly how it always does. Plus, there’s a character with anxiety, men who go to therapy, a looming sibling you never knew existed, and two men carrying an Oscar nominee in a jumbo suitcase. Why not, right?

Anna is a star on the rise–a plus size, gorgeous woman trying to recement her career after a previous Oscar nomination and then a sort of spiral into anxiety. She’s the newest face of an ad campaign that Ben, a former backup dancer, happens to be helping with. They hit it off immediately, sparks fly, and Ben ends up driving Anna to Palm Springs–a multi hour drive–to see her Dad when he falls ill, cementing him as a Good Guy. Of course, sparks fly, and things get ~complicated~ when Anna’s manager decides they should fake date to help Anna get some good press. We all know how fake dating goes..but in Hollywood? Oof.

I did enjoy this book well-enough while I was reading it. Like…it is what it is. It’s not going to win any awards. It’s not going to change your life.It’s an interesting romance with some sexy scenes and drama and wholesome heartwarming moments. But…the character of Ben felt a little underdeveloped. The secret sibling email thing made….no sense, plot wise, unless it’s just to give us the next character to follow in the series. But you know what..that’s fine. I don’t expect life changing work from Jasmine Guillory, just a good time. And this was a good time.

While We Were Dating is on sale everywhere July 13, 2021.


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