3 Mini Reviews: Poison For Breakfast, We Are the BSC, and Matrix

Today, to save time and mental energy, I’m going to be doing 3 mini reviews for books I talked about during the 2021 Booklist Read n Rave Panel! These are all adult books, but the first would be good for teens too! The second is a pop culture essay collection, and the third is historical fiction.

Poison for Breakfast–Lemony Snicket

Have you ever wished you could recapture the way you felt when reading the Series of Unfortunate events books for the first time? Well here you go. Poison for Breakfast is Lemony Snicket’s last rumination on a day. You have poison for breakfast, so the note says. What do you do next? This day-in-the-life novel is short, full of Snicket’s signature wit and vocabulary, and will make you want to move to a small village and solve a crime against yourself.

Publication Date: 8/31/21

We Are the Baby-Sitters Club

Though I am a little too young to have been the target BSC audience when it came out, I am a die-hard devotee now, and so I really enjoyed this collection of essays and art about the impact the Baby-Sitters Club has had on readers. From why we all watched to be Claudia, to Stacey’s diabetes, to the role of race and racism in Stoneybrook, plus fun comics and explorations of Watson as Mr Mom. This book was an excellent revisit to Stoneybrook, and also made me want a version of this book for every other pop culture phenom.

Publication Date: 07/06/21

Matrix–Lauren Groff

If you want unique historical fiction, check out Lauren Groff’s latest, a 12th century historical fiction piece about a reluctant nun, the abbey she brings under her control, and the impact on the world around her. This is part side-tracked royal history, part abbey exploration, full Lauren Groff’s magical writing and piercing characters. No Catholicism required to enjoy.

Publication Date: 09/07/21


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