Easy Reader Series Series: Yasmin

This is my series where I talk about Easy Reader Series. I’m funny, right?

This time, we’re talking about our girl YASMIN–the star of I think 25 or 26 easy readers about her adventures in painting, fashion, ice skating, librarianship, and more.

I picked up all twenty-something of these for a binge read one sunny afternoon—and it was an amazing way to read the series cuz I could see the structure so clearly unfolding across the pages.

Each book has three chapters or parts–one where we meet Yasmin and the context for the story, one where the problem emerges, and the final one where a solution is found. It’s absolutely repetitive if you’re an adult reading them all back-to-back, but I can absolutely see the benefit of this structure for emerging and developing readers. The predictive nature encourages them to explore stories they aren’t familiar with with a sense of familiarity, and builds confidence in vocabulary.

The cultural flare of these books is also a huge plus–Yasmin’s Pakistani heritage is woven throughout the stories, from the words she uses to the way she interacts with her family to what she wears. She has a multi-generational family home, which will resonate with many reader across different cultures, and features Urdu words with a small glossary in the back time.

While each book focuses on a different scenario, all of them are very relatable to easy reader readers—finding something that is lost, conquering a school assignment, trying something new, etc. The added flare of Yasmin’s culture and the ties to developing reader scenarios are just icing on the cake.

I love that this has so many titles in the series, because if a reader falls in love with Yasmin, they have so many more opportunities to explore her world.

What are some of your favorite Easy Reader series?

Have you read Yasmin–what is your favorite “job” she takes on in her series?

I’m partial to Yasmin the Librarian, of course!






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