Easy Reader Series Series: Ty’s Travels

This is an easy reader series I didn’t follow from the beginning. Beach Day was nominated for a committee I read for, and I read it without understanding the context that Ty is using his imagination to have these experiences–I thought the illustrations were just super kid friendly! Knowing Ty’s imagination is the driver definitely colored my reading of the whole series and while I think it’s a cute series, especially for level one readers just getting into simple sentences, I found some of the much more exciting than others. I found the plots and the imagingings MUCH more engaging as we advanced through the series, even though the structure and difficulty didn’t really advance. They were just more fun to view through the lens of imagination.

Have you read Ty’s Travels? Which one will you give to a level one reader in your library to match their interests, an event at school, or a new-found hobby?

All Aboard!

In this first book in the series, Ty is tired of waiting for someone to play with him, so he puts his imagination to work. He turns a cardboard box into a train and takes off around the city that is his house, picking up family along the way.

Zip, Zoom

Ty gets a new scooter and wants to learn to go fast and race, but he’s struggling to get the hang of things. He imagines he’s at a race track, and along comes a nice friend, Ari, to keep his spirits up.

Winter Wonderland

Ty’s Christmas wish comes true when it snows, he gets to go to the “North Pole”–a park–with his mom, and gets to partake in fun winter activities and even meet Santa!

Beach Day!

Ty and his Dad have a back yard beach in the sandbox in this tale, which is interrupted by their neighbor Jazz, who comes over to enjoy the fun, toss a beach ball, and cool off with some ice pops.

Lab Magic

Ty and his brother Corey go to a real museum with their Mom, but are too young to go into the science lab, so they make their own lab at home and experiment with bubbles and more.







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