3 Unique Ways to Circulate Biographies

Got a biography collection that you need to make come to life and walk off the shelves and out of your library?

Try these three ideas!

“You met me on Xavier Riddle”

The kids show Xavier Riddle and The Secret Museum does a GREAT job of getting kids interested in historical figures–some well-known, others lesser-known. Consider building an entire display, or program, around historical figures that kids will have met through the Xavier Riddle show. This includes Cleopatra, Marie Curie, Goldie Meir, Isaac Newton, Abigail Adams, Mark Twain, Zora Neale Hurston, Maya Angelou, Mary Anning, Confucius, Ibn Battuta, Bob Ross, and many more!

Print out some coloring sheets to go with them!

It’s My Birthday!

Supplies need: one book stand, one re-usable party hat and a balloon.

Set up a rotating display for ONE book and one book alone and all it “It’s My Birthday!” Give this a place of prominence, add a sign that promises it can be taken out, and starting prowling your collection for good people to feature! I love to use historical figures birthdays to coordinate with craft or STEM programs, but why not a dedicated one book display?

This one requires a little more research and planning to execute, but would be SO worth the trouble!

Here are some good birthdays to get you started:

January 26th: Bessie Coleman

February 27th: Marian Anderson

March 4: Dav Pilkey

April 21: Charlotte Bronte

May 21: Mary Anning

June 25: Sonia Sotomayor

July 10: Nikola Tesla

August 26: Katherine Johnson

September 7: Queen Elizabeth I

October 17: Mae Jemison

November 22: Abigail Adams

December 9: Grace Hopper

Space Week

Space Week–which is usually in October each year-is a great chance to launch some of your best biographies–especially of women in STEM–into the hands of new readers. Theme each day around a different woman, feature or read from their biography, and do an activity. Popular people for this might be Katherine Johnson, Ellen Ochoa, Mae Jemison, Mary Jackson, Sally Ride, Anousheh Ansari and more. Have coloring sheets ready to go. Make a Moon Journal inspired by Katherine Johnson helping us get to the moon. Launch a straw rocket for Mae Jemison, or do an experiment from Sally Ride Science.



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