Easy Reader Series Series: Dav Pilkey’s DRAGON

When I was growing up, kids loved reading Captain Underpants but it was never really my thing. Then, as a librarian, I saw the kids obsessed with Dog Man. So, of course, when I found his easy reader series, I was intrigued. Originally published in the early 1990s, they were republished in the past few years, and they’re cute. They’re chapter book style easy readers–some pages have a full ream of text, some just a few words–I can definitely see this working for kids who want to read aloud with parents, who want something they can put down and pick back up, etc.One of the better animal-based easy reader series I’ve read recently, tbh.

A Friend for Dragon

In our first book, we meet Dragon, a dragon who lives alone and is in search of a friend. After talking to several animals who don’t want to be his friend, he’s holding an apple when a snake decides to play a trick on him and pretend the apple talks. That leads to Dragon taking the apple home, they have lots of silent adventures, Dragon thinks he has a new best friend, but then someone EATS apple and Dragon has to bury it! Tragic, honestly. And then an apple tree grows though, so happy ending.

Dragon’s Fat Cat

Dragon’s quest for companionship continues when a cat arrives at Dragon’s house, and he brings it inside. Of course, he does not know how to care for this fat cat–what to feed it, how to use a litter box, etc. After some antics, they go to the pet store, and Dragon accidentally leaves her behind. This leads him on a journey to find her snuggled up, having just birthed five kittens. Who’s fat now, Dragon?!? A wholesome ending.

Dragon Gets By

We’ve all had those days like Dragon has–where you wake up groggy and then do everything wrong. Butter the tea and drink a cup of toast, etc. This unfolds across the pages and honestly…there’s not like an easy fix, which I kind of love. He just has to go to bed and start over again the next day, haha. This is for the adult readers reading with their kids.

Dragon’s Halloween

Dragon gets into the Halloween festivities by carving pumpkins–though he has to use six ones to make a big scary one–and dressing up in costumes, etc. This is really the first time we see Dragon having friends–they come to his costume party! The cats are around, of course, which is nice. Not as fun as Dragon Gets By.

Dragon’s Merry Christmas

A nice little wrap up, I think–It’s Christmas, and after some issues with cutting down a tree, eating the wreath, and losing his mittens–Dragon goes to buy gifts and distributes them to people in need around him. Food to raccoons, a coat to someone in need, a bird house for two birds, etc.







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