Easy Reader Round-Up #1

Easy reader time! No series here—but what about a look at some easy readers that have come across my desk recently.

Bookstore Bunnies by Eric Seltzer, illustrated by Tom Disbury

What an adorable book! Even though it’s an easy reader, I’m going to use this during story time–it’s the perfect blend of book-loving rhyme and beginning readers. This is about a bookstore run by bunnies, and the types of books the different customers want–frog wants books on catching flies, etc. It all culminates in an afternoon story time before the bunnies lock up and go home to read some more. This is a pre-level one reader.

Super Gross: What’s in Your Body? by Ximena Hastings, illustrations by Alison Hawkins

This level two easy reader is science-based and looks at the “gross” parts of the human body–including pee, scabs, boogers, etc. A good scientific look that doesn’t make it LESS gross, but explains things nonetheless.

Parker Grows a Garden by Parker Curry & Jessica Curry, illustrated by Brittany Jackson and Tajae Keith

Another Parker Curry easy reader–this is a level one about Parker growing a garden in her backyard, with help from her two grandmothers–one Black and one white. She grows tulips and cucumbers, and then they have a special dinner. This covers the planting, the waiting, etc, which is great but the cartoon-esque illustration style isn’t my favorite.

Tails from History: The Cat Who Ruled the Town by May Nakamura, illustrated by Rachel Sanson

This was a cute non-fiction easy reader about Stubbs, the full-meme cat “mayor” in Alaska. This is a good title–nothing too special–but a sweet tale, as you’d assume–that kids will find a lot more unique and interesting than those of us who have heard the legend of Stubbs on the internet. My favorite part was that it ended with two new kittens joining Stubbs and not…well..you know.

Alma’s Way: Junior’s Lost Tooth by Gabrielle Reyes

I haven’t seen this show yet, but I love PBS! This was very much stills from the show, etc, and the plot was….odd. It’s clearly a Hispanic family, and the focus is on family, but losing a tooth in someone’s hair? Hmm….







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