Picture Book Round-Up #13

Another picture book round-up of books nominated for this year’s Capitol Choices List, and a bonus book I just couldn’t not pick up!

The Daily Sniff by Jane Cabrera

Dogs get their news from the “Daily Sniff” in this picture book, but when Ted can’t smell the news, he goes in search of what could be covering up the smell of the news. Cute, but uncooked and kind of confusing by the end, this isn’t a Cabrera classic, but the illustrations are nice.

The Hospital Book by Lisa Brown

Worried about taking your kid in for surgery, or want to build hospital awareness? Definitely pick up this book–which really blew me away with its care and specificity. Our protagonist goes to the hospital for a tummy ache, which turns out to be appendicitis, and has to have surgery! The book is structured around her journey, and the 9 times she cried, but also full of facts, humorous moments, fun side illustrations, medical explanations, and so much heart. I really enjoyed this one.

In Every Life by Marla Frazee

Want a beautiful book with gorgeous illustrations but not a plot? Pick this one up—it’s a gorgeous book and very short, “In every life, there is sadness..” etc etc. I see what it was trying to do. But I can’t imagine a single child ever enjoying it more than as pretty pictures.

The Loud Librarian by Jenna Beatrice, illustrated by Erika Lynne Jones

Okay—I liked the basic ideas of this—Penelope is a kid who gets to be the student-librarian and is perfect for the job, except she’s loud. But she finds one place in the library where being loud is good: story time. However, as an actual loud librarian, I didn’t like how “over the top” the loudness was—the Space Station can hear her, the building falls apart because she’s so loud, etc. It just felt kind of silly when it could have been more realistic and still had those funny moments without making loud people out to be destructive.

You Are a Story by Bob Raczka, pictures by Kristen and Kevin Howdeshell

This is another beautiful book with a beautiful, high-thought theme, about how people are unique, and special, and miracles, and always growing and changing, but I just cannot imagine a single actual child enjoying this. Kids don’t want concept books! They want characters and plots and funny moments! But the illustrations are great.

Happy Birthday to Me by Thao Lam

A simple story in the prose, but with gorgeous paper-doll-esque illustrations, this book is all about how overwhelming birthdays can be, and is a great way to vocalize feelings and experiences. But truly, the illustrations are the standout!







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