Home Before Dark

For many, many days I was the envy of all book bloggers, because I was granted an early e-galley of the new Riley Sager book on Netgalley

The Last Time I Lied

Riley Sager, the author of the bestselling horror thriller Final Girls, is back with a psychological thriller set at a summer camp

Final Girls

In the past year, I’ve learned that few books enthrall me as much as thrillers, and Final Girls was billed as just the book for me when I heard about it on a book riot podcast.  I put it high on my TBR list and devoured it in less than 24 hours once I finally got my hands on it.

5 Books to Read if You Love Gone Girl

Gone Girl became a cultural phenomenon a couple years ago, and ever since, thrillers and suspense novels have billed themselves as “the next Gone Girl.” These books are five of the best “Gone Girl-esque” books that I’ve read since Gone Girl that have truly kept me on the edge of my seat.