Lock Every Door

Riley Sager has done it AGAIN, maybe better than ever, and I’m so thankful this book straight-up catapulted me out of the slump that came at the end of April.  I know people have mixed feelings on Finals Girls and The Last Time I Lied, but I enjoyed them both, though I loved this book even more.  Lock Every Door blew me away, tbh.

Jules is a bit down on her luck, let go from her admin job the same day she discovers her boyfriend cheating on her, so when she’s given the opportunity to “apartment sit” at one of the most famous apartment buildings in NYC, and make some cash doing it, she jumps at the opportunity. Sure, the Bartholomew has seen some crazy stuff through the years, and yeah the all-cash payments and no-visitors rule seems a bit much, but for $12,000, Jules is willing to put up with quite a bit, especially since she’s an orphan with no living family.  Soon, Jules makes friends with another apartment sitter, Ingrid, but just as quickly, Ingrid is gone, and something about the whole situation doesn’t feel right. As she looks for Ingrid, Jules discovers the secrets of the Bartholomew, what their hallowed walls hide, and why apartment sitters keep going missing.

Ahh, I really enjoyed this book. I read it in 2 big spurts, and that included staying up past my bedtime. I loved this place-driven thriller. The Bartholomew feels real in this book, located in NYC, grounded in reality, and yet full of history. Sure, I quickly guessed who the bad person was, even if I didn’t really see where everything was going, but wow I enjoyed the journey. Jules is an interesting character that you like but don’t feel too much pity for, even in a pitiful situation. The Bartholomew is so fascinating. The countdown structure to the big climax is great. ow, I’m just a huge fan of this book. Can’t wait for the next Riley Sager book!

Lock Every Door is on sale July 2, 2019


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  1. Grab the Lapels Avatar

    I can’t even imagine what would be going on in a building that would cause apartment sitters to disappear unless we are talking about apartment-possessive ghosts (yay!) or something more sinister and gory, like the Hostel movies (ack! NO!). Congrats on getting out of your slump! A thriller I couldn’t put down was Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough. I enjoyed the audio book.

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