Whisper Man

This is more true crime-esque than horror or thriller, but I was compelled forward!

Monday’s Not Coming

For my “realistic fiction” selection for my grad class on YA literature, I picked up an ARC I’d been starring at for awhile: Monday’s Not Coming by Tiffany Jackson.

The Child Finder

I finally read the missing-child-mystery I’d been wanting to read for over a year, and had owned for nine months, and I’m so upset I didn’t read it earlier, but it really puts October off to a good reading start.  

The Last Time I Lied

Riley Sager, the author of the bestselling horror thriller Final Girls, is back with a psychological thriller set at a summer camp

Emma in the Night

Psychological thrillers are my bread and butter these days, and I was not disappointed by Wendy Walker’s take on narcissistic personality disorder and a missing persons case that is cracked wide open.

Good as Gone

Julie disappeared when she was thirteen years old, and in the eight years since, her mother has pretty much given up hope on finding her, her father has devoted his time to the “Julie Fund” and other efforts to find missing children, and her younger sister, Jane, has started acting out. In the span of one day, Ann, their mother’s, life is thrown into disarray when Jane comes home from college early and a girl claiming to be Julie shows up on their doorstep.