Whisper Man

Thanks to the pandemic, I finally made a little bit of a dent in the physical book collection amassing in my bedroom and picked up The Whisper Man, which I regretted not getting as my BOTM back in August 2019 so I traded for it on Facebook.Well, I finally read it in a one day span, and now I get why everyone was talking to it.

This is more true crime-esque than horror or thriller, but I was compelled forward! I love a good dual narrative and while this wasn’t EXACTLY that, there was past and present melding which I loved.

Writer Tom Kennedy and his son Jake move to the small village of Featherbanks for a fresh start, only to arrive just after a young boy Jake’s age has gone missing.  The case, as it drags on, begins to remind the town of the serial killer/kidnapper who taunted them twenty years ago–The Whisper Man–but the Whisper Man, Frank Carter, is behind bars for his crimes. Did he have an accomplice who got away? And who is whispering outside Jake’s window at night? As the police race to solve the disappearance of a local child before another one is taken too, Tom must try to understand his unique and creative son before he loses him forever.

This is part family drama, part serial killer-esque true crime. I really enjoyed it! It’s not toooo scary (but then again, I don’t have kids) and I’ll go ahead and say there isn’t a sexual element to any of the crimes, so don’t be scared off by the prospect of that. The chapters are pretty short which keeps the story moving, and there are a few twists and turns along the way. Overall, a good read!

North’s next book, The Shadows, is out July 7th, 2020


One response to “Whisper Man”

  1. Georgiana Avatar

    Wow, just one day to read it, it must have been really immersive! This story sounds like one I would enjoy reading, but I would prefer not to see the movie adaptation (it has potential to become too scary) 🙂


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