The Dazzling Heights

Katharine McGee is BACK with her sequel to The Thousandth Floor, and this Gossip Girl of the future is full of scintillating details, characters you’ll love to hate and hate to love, and more drama that one island can handle. I picked this up shortly after it’s release at the end of August and absolutely devoured it.

If you love high school drama, teens acting way too mature and worldly for their age, a lot of alcohol at parties, and a great new world to explore, this is the book series for you.


At the end of The Thousandth Floor, one girl is dead, one is feeling very guilty for pushing her, and the other witnesses are backed into a corner with their secrets on the line if they expose what happened up on the thousandth floor. The Dazzling Heights picks up where The Thousandth Floor left off, with a group of friends, enemies, and frenemies trying to find a way to balance their friendships, relationships, family obligations, and the secrets they are all hiding. Which relationships will make it? Who’s that new, sexy teacher? Are the Fuller parents onto something that Avery and Atlas have hidden so well from them so far? Who is the striking new Calliope and what are she and her mother Elise hiding from the rest of the tower? Who won’t make it out alive?

Like in the Thousandth Floor, McGee is an AMAZING world builder, character explorer, and drama-stirrer-upper in this sequel. I could not put this book down. Some of the dialogue doesn’t feel “realistic” for teenagers, but I could look past it because the drama just keeps unfolding and the twists and turns of the relationships are fascinating. At this point, I’m unsure of who I’m even rooting for in the end, but I know it’s going to be a fun ride. I’m already looking forward to the third book, and can’t wait to get my hands on it!




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