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  • Meet Cute

    Meet Cute

    I, in theory, love a good short story collection

  • Author Spotlight: Siobhan Vivian

    Author Spotlight: Siobhan Vivian

    I grew up on The Clique series, so I’m predisposed to this stuff. 

  • The 57 Bus

    The 57 Bus

    The 57 Bus is true crime meets social justice meets great reporting.

  • The Continent: Original ARC

    The Continent: Original ARC

    My YA literature class this spring asks us to read a “banned or challenged book” that we haven’t read, and coincidentally, right around that time I won a Twitter book giveaway and a signed, original ARC of the Continent, before the rewrite, landed on my doorstep. I couldn’t help myself.

  • Author Spotlight: Emma Mills

    Author Spotlight: Emma Mills

    I discovered Emma Mills when one of her books, Foolish Hearts, was featured in the Owlcrate box back in December 2017.

  • RIP Eliza Hart

    RIP Eliza Hart

    Eliza Hart is dead, found at the bottom of the cliffs near her exclusive Big Sur boarding school. What happened to her? Was she pushed? And what’s up with the girl that everyone says was stalking her?

  • What If It’s Us?

    What If It’s Us?

    The King and Queen of Contemporary YA, Becky Albertalli and Adam Silvera, have teamed up to create the gay NYC love story you didn’t know you needed.

  • American Panda

    American Panda

    It’s controlling Chinese parents to the max in American Panda, a look at one teenage girl finding herself.

  • Everything We Know about Marie Lu’s Next Book: Wildcard

    Everything We Know about Marie Lu’s Next Book: Wildcard

    The sequel to Warcross is coming out on September 18th of this year and I could not be more excited. Here’s what we know about the book so far. 

  • All of This is True

    All of This is True

    Four high-schoolers befriend their favorite novelist, but things turn dark when it becomes clear that the stories they share with her, their private confessions, are fodder for her next novel.

  • Autoboyography


    Boy meets boy, what could go wrong? Well, quite a lot if the setting is Provo, Utah, one of those boys is a Mormon, and the other one is writing a novel about their relationship

  • Author Spotlight: Anna Godbersen

    Author Spotlight: Anna Godbersen

    Her new novel, When We Caught Fire, is out this fall, but before you fall in love with Godbersen’s new character, check out the stories and characters that made her a beloved historical fiction author for teens and young adults