Loser’s Club

Andrew Clements is back with a book that makes me miss my childhood. Loser’s Club is the perfect middle grade book for lovers of books, outcasts, people who are just trying to find their place, and all of us that have ever attended an after school program.

Alec loves to read, and he loves to read in class instead of paying attention, which gets him in a lot of trouble. His principal, and his parents, lay down the law, and now he’s paying attention in every class and wishing he had more time to read. Enter the Extended Day Program, a three-hour after school program sixth grade Alec is newly enrolled in while his parents work at their new jobs. At this program, you either go to the homework room,  play active games, or join a student led club. So Alec decides to start a club for reading, but he doesn’t want other people to bother him while he’s reading, so he calls it the Loser’s Club.

By the end of the book, the Loser’s Club is not only wildly popular but it has led to new friendships, changed villains, and a lot of printed book covers, but that’s another story. I loved this book because Andrew Clement’s books always make me wish my middle school years were so interesting! Like all of his other books, Loser’s Club is wholesome, full of fun, and will make you want to reread all your favorite childhood books.

Pick up this book for you or your favorite middle grade reader, because everyone will love it.






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