Books by Bachelor Nation Contestants

The Bachelor is back, with Arie taking the helm as the giver of the roses, or as I’ll be calling him, Not Peter. Because Peter was definitely their first choice and when he turned them down, we all got stuck with Arie. However fake we all know the TV show to be, it’s always interesting to hear from the contestants that won, and those who didn’t, after their tenure with the show is over, whether they were on one or two or three or four seasons.  Here is a list of all the books by Bachelor Nation contestants, on both the Bachelor and Bachelorette, to binge as we deal with Arie this winter.

For the Right Reasons by Sean Lowe

The “virgin Bachelor” Sean Lowe reveals the challenges of finding love while championing his Christian convictions in the morally complex world of reality TV.

I Said Yes by Emily Maynard

When her high-profile search for romance led Emily Maynard to dead end after dead end, real love finally found her.

I Didn’t Come Here to Make Friends by Courtney Robertson

In I Didn’t Come Here to Make Friends former Bachelor “villain” and season 16 winner Courtney Robertson shares her story of love and heartbreak, and the reality of appearing on reality TV.

It’s Not Okay by Andi Dorfman 

Discover the New York Times bestselling book that Bachelor fans—and even Bachelor stars—can’t stop talking about! Beloved fan favorite Andi Dorfman tells the unvarnished truth about her engagement, her public breakup, and why looking for love on television is no paradise.

My Reality by Melissa Rycroft

The star of The Bachelor, Dancing With The Stars, and special correspondent for Good Morning America shares her story with warmth, enthusiasm, and humor.

Happily Ever After by Trista Sutter

Trista Rehn was a pediatric physical therapist moonlighting as a Miami Heat dancer when she heard about casting for a new reality show. Trista took the chance—and had her heart broken on the very first season of The Bachelor. But the next season, as the first Bachelorette, her fairy tale fell into place during a whirlwind courtship with poetry-writing firefighter Ryan Sutter. 

Better Single Than Sorry by Jen Schefft

In 2003, Jen Schefft got engaged in front of millions of people on television’s The Bachelor, only to see it end nine months later when the relationship just wasn’t right anymore. A year later, she turned down an engagement on The Bachelorette, and the backlash was relentless. She was labeled a “spinster” by a celebrity magazine, and a noted national talk-show host remarked that she would be “a bachelorette for the rest of her life.”

Final Rose by Shawntel Nelson

Shawntel Newton is crowned high school basketball princess but faces criticism. Her boyfriend dumps her after three years. She looks for love while anguishing the decision to follow her father’s footsteps, then becomes a funeral director and embalmer. She meets a bachelor on a national reality show, falls in love with the Southern gentleman, but has to compete for his attention with twenty-nine women.

The Man Code by David Good

Stubborn. Emotionally reserved. Frustratingly loyal to his friends. Does this sound like the tough guy in your life? Do you feel like he’s the sort of man you could love forever, if only you could understand him? David Good, winner of “Bachelor Pad” and fan favorite on “The Bachelorette,” lifts the hood on the standard to which men hold themselves, empowering women by helping them decipher the unspoken rules that govern masculinity.

Don’t Be That Girl by Travis Stork

Travis Stork, the handsome and charismatic star of The Bachelor: Paris, has chalked up more dating experience than most men could claim in a lifetime. As an ER doctor, he’s also an expert on the psychological and physiological factors involved in mental and emotional well-being. In Don’t Be That Girl, he combines his personal experience and professional expertise to help you demystify the self-defeating behaviors that characterize that girl — behaviors that unfortunately, even if unintentionally, prevent many women from getting the most from their lives and relationships.

Single State of Mind by Andi Dorfman

Andi Dorfman, breakout star of ABC’s The Bachelorette and New York Times bestselling author of It’s Not Okay, returns with this new collection of her adventures as a still-single gal surviving and thriving in New York City. Sharing moments like finding her first New York apartment (the front door broke so she had to use the fire escape), her first dates on “celebrity Tinder” and finally, watching her ex-fiancé propose to another woman on Bachelor in Paradise, Andi Dorfman doesn’t shy away from pulling back the curtain on the life of a reality star who’s returned to reality. Dorfman’s supremely relatable personality has inspired incredible devotion from her fans, who follow her every move on social media. Filled with a mix of romantic mishaps, city adventures, and, of course, plenty of insider Bachelor details, Andi’s new book is Sex and the City for the reality TV generation.









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