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  • Full Circle

    Full Circle

    I always loved Full House growing up, it was my Friends before I discovered Friends in late middle school/high school. When Aunt Becky was arrested back in March/April, I decided to rewatch Full House from the beginning. And yes, I watch Fuller House too. And if Steve and DJ don’t end up together I will…

  • 15 Celebrity Memoirs To Check Out This Month

    15 Celebrity Memoirs To Check Out This Month

    One of the prompts on the FFL Reading Challenge is a celebrity memoir, and since we’re all about female leaders, I’ll definitely be reading a book by a female celebrity

  • Books by Bachelor Nation Contestants

    Books by Bachelor Nation Contestants

    The Bachelor is back, with Arie taking the helm as the giver of the roses. It’s always interesting to hear from the contestants that won, and those who didn’t, after their tenure with the show is over. Here are their stories.

  • Melissa Explains It All

    Melissa Explains It All

    Get inside the mind of Clarissa and Sabrina the Teenage Witch as Melissa Joan Harts reveals the details of her life