Lucky in Love

Kasie West, the queen of contemporary YA romance, tackles a lottery wine, an Asian love interest, and big money problems in Lucky in Love. What would you do if you went from being so low-income you received socks for your birthday to winning 30 million in the lottery? That’s what West explores in Lucky in Love.

Abby’s family isn’t exactly well off when the book begins. Her mother is overworked, her father is unemployed, and her brother had to take time off from college because he couldn’t afford it. Insert Abby, who works at the zoo to make some extra money and is busy studying her butt off to get an academic scholarship for college. On the night of her eighteenth birthday she buys a lottery ticket on a whim, sure she is just throwing her money away, but then she wins, and she’s the proud owner of $30 million dollars and forced into the spotlight in ways she never imagined. Everyone expects something of her now and she is about to discover that money can’t fix all of her problems.

This book was fine. It definitely wasn’t my favorite Kasie West book but it did what it set out to accomplish. What particularly bothered me was that a lot of really serious problems arise in the book, especially in the latter half, but they are never really addressed. Instead, the book wraps up with Abby finding love and learning to invest her money, but a lot of damage has already been done and I feel like West should have addressed the big issues of the lottery win earlier so that she could deal with them more fully. However, I do think the book did a good job showing that money doesn’t solve everything and emphasizes that Abby should have visited a financial advisor earlier.

Overall, check out this book if you like contemporary YA with funny concepts that hit on reality, but I would prioritize other Kasie West books over this one. My personal favorite so far is The Distance Between Us.


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