For Better and Worse

I love a good murder, but could I execute the perfect one and get away with it? Probably not. But Natalie and Will are going to try, in order to protect their son, Charlie, and their marriage will be tested in ways they never imagined. This was the penultimate book of my BOTM TBR pile and I am flying towards the finish and can’t wait to say it’s complete.

On their first date as law students at Tulane, Natalie and Will wonder if they, as smart lawyers, could ever commit the perfect murder, and get away with it. Nearly fifteen  years later, that conversation will come full circle when they must end a life to save their son, eleven-year-old Charlie. How will they do it? A gun? Poison? Will they make it look like a suicide? Do these two lawyers really have what it takes to end a life, let alone get away with it? And will their marriage survive when they have to throw all their cards on the table?

I really didn’t know much about this book other than “husband and wife try to commit the perfect murder” but I was engrossed in this book and read it in two spurts before bed. I was pleasantly surprised with how it drew me in and kept me attached. We get three parts: two from organized, calm Natalie’s point of view and one middle section from more laid-back Will. We also get to see how each party handles the task at hand and approaches their relationship with each other and their son,which makes it more than just a book about a murder plot.

A lot of people (IE goodreads reviews) have “qualms” with the ending, but honestly I kind of loved it. It’s weird, but it’s abnormal for these kind of books and I loved that change. I also kind of…sympathized with it? Is that a weird thing to say? Oh well. I enjoyed this book a lot, and can definitely see why it was a Book of the Month Club pick!


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  1. Mischenko Avatar

    Awesome review! Glad you enjoyed it. I had some issues with it, but found it thrilling. ♥️

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