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  • We Keep the Dead Close

    We Keep the Dead Close

    We Keep the Dead Close by Becky Cooper was one of those books that I kept hearing about, and I am so glad I started 2021 by listening to this on audiobook!

  • Grown


    Tiffany D Jackson has brought her flawless style, amazing twists and fascinating characters to the R Kelly/#MeToo movement in Grown,

  • Good Girls Lie

    Good Girls Lie

    I love a good murder mystery at a boarding school, so I was super excited to read Good Girls Lie by JT Ellison

  • Dead Queens Club

    Dead Queens Club

    A Henry VIII retelling set in a modern high school with the wives being prom and homecoming queens?

  • Two Can Keep a Secret

    Two Can Keep a Secret

    The author behind the hit One of Us is Lying is back with her sophomore novel, Two Can Keep a Secret.

  • Author Spotlight: Danielle Rollins

    Author Spotlight: Danielle Rollins

    When I came across the ARC for Stolen Time on Edelweiss, I was immediately intrigued, and when I began looking at Danielle Rollins’ other work, I was sold.

  • For Better and Worse

    For Better and Worse

    I love a good murder, but could I execute the perfect one and get away with it? Probably not. But Natalie and Will are going to try

  • What Waits in the Woods

    What Waits in the Woods

    It’s a little spooky, kind of scary, makes me never want to camp ever, and wow, I’m glad I read it. 

  • The Last Equation of Isaac Severy

    The Last Equation of Isaac Severy

    In a quest to finally catch up on my Book of the Month TBR pile, I settled in to read the book I selected back in March 2018 when it was billed as an adult version of the Westing Game and while I’m not sure the descriptor is perfect, I really enjoyed this book.

  • Social Creature

    Social Creature

    “A Talented Mr Ripley for the Digital Age” is the tag line that immediately drew me towards Social Creature but also kind of ruined the plot for me, for obvious reasons. Nonetheless, despite some middling reviews, I devoured this book and was intoxicated by the writing style.

  • The Menendez Murders

    The Menendez Murders

    As a true crime buff, I knew a lot about the murders of Jose and Kitty Menendez that were committed by their sons, Erik and Lyle.

  • Last Rituals

    Last Rituals

    With the completion of this “nordic noir” murder mystery, I have finally completed the PopSugar Reading Challenge for 2018 and wow, what a note to end on!