Babysitters Club: The Graphic Novels

In my pursuit of discovering what kind of librarian I want to be (stay tuned…still deciding) I decided to read the seven existing graphic novels in the graphic novel adaptations of the Babysitters Club by Ann Martin.

I was first drawn to these books because they’re super popular among the kids at our library–we can hardly keep them on the shelves. The first four are also done by Raina Telegmeier, who I LOVE. The last two, while done by a different author, are just as good though. I’m sure I read most of the Babysitters Club books growing up, since I was a quintessential 90s kid and a big reader, but I don’t remember them well enough to speak to any authenticity to the original. They feel fresh out and updated without being too reliant on technology. The characters are interesting and fleshed out and the situations are great. I love that they deal with big things as well as the small–messes and diaper changes as well as parental kidnappings! Like, seriously. It’s insane how well these books address childhood both on the part of the babysitters dealing with their own problems (moving, marriage/divorce, diabetes, sibling relationships, strokes, etc) as well as the problems of their babysittees (parenting foibles, anxiety, active imaginations, phobias, discipline issues, etc). I’m really existed to gift these books to middle graders in my life, because I think they’re great. They’re well drawn, witty, and I’m so impressed with the way the books handle big issues and tell a concise story in one graphic novel. Can I stop raving? LOL, seriously, if you like graphic novels and middle grade books, read this book!


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