Full Circle

I always loved Full House growing up, it was my Friends before I discovered Friends in late middle school/high school. When Aunt Becky was arrested back in March/April, I decided to rewatch Full House from the beginning. And yes, I watch Fuller House too. And if Steve and DJ don’t end up together I will die. But, because of all that, I was super excited when I found out Andrea Barber, aka Kimmy Gibbler, was writing a memoir. Thanks to NetGalley, as always, for the early copy.

Andrea Barber was a child actress who was never really an adult actress…until Fuller House came around. That’s something I didn’t realize–but this book takes a deep dive into what those early years of her life were like, what she did after Full House, and why she was so happy to go back for Fuller House. And while this book does talk a lot about this, it’s also a really deep look at Andrea’s struggles with anxiety, depression, her divorce, and motherhood. It’s not your typical celebrity memoir that dishes on drama–because Andrea doesn’t really have any. She was just a normal person for a good twenty five years until Fuller House came back, and I liked that relatability of this book.

If you like Full House, you’ll enjoy this book which is a quick read even if it’s nothing groundbreaking. It’s not like the most well written thing in the world.It’s not full of drama and insider secrets. It’s just a nice book about an actress we’ve seen on TV a lot, which is still kind of cool.





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