Meet Cute

but I don’t always gravitate towards them. Meet Cute had been percolating in my Kindle library since April 2018 though, so I decided to divvy up the stories and read a few each day at work. I ended up reading them much faster than anticipated though because they were really good!

As you might expect from the title, these are all “romance” stories of sort, about cute, serendipitous meetings, but they range from contemporary to sci-fi, across all sexualities and races, across size and shape and personality. There’s stories about using technology to meet someone, about being destined towards one thing, about finding a dress for prom, about going into space, about healing a breakup, it’s all there. Each story is unique and feels well thought out to the collection, though there were definitely some I enjoyed more than others.I’m looking forward to reading some similar anthologies once I play catch up on the books I literally paid money to own.

Some of the authors in this anthology inlude Katharine McGee, Dhonielle Clayton, Jennifer Armentrout, Huntley Fitzpatrick, Nicola Yoon, Ibi Zoboi, Sara Shepard, Julie Murphy, and more. It’ s a real all start YA line-up.


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