Good Girls Lie

I love a good murder mystery at a boarding school, so I was super excited to read Good Girls Lie by JT Ellison when it popped up on NetGalley. In all honesty, it had a lot going on. New girl at an elite boarding school with secret societies. Girls dropping dead (no spoilers here) and a dean having an illicit affair and computer hacking and an old mystery to solve and a lot of the threads didn’t end up mattering that much, but this was 400 and some pages of twists and turn and I liked it well-enough.

Ash Carlisle is the newest student at the Goode school, fresh off finding her rich parents dead in their home. But she’s got a secret, and when another student dies on campus, the head school takes a shine to her, and the Dean gets involved, here secret might just get revealed. What really happened to her parents, because Ash Carlisle isn’t who she says she is…and when the other girls on campus find out, there will be consequences. Throw in a hot computer professor, a mysterious townie with a murderous dad, the daughter of a Congresswoman, some secret society hazing, and this book is chock full of it alllll.

I do feel that this book had maybe a little TOO much going on. I like multi POV, I really do, but there was a lot: we got Ash, the Dean, Becca, another girl I won’t name, the sheriff’s niece, it was all a little much.  Lots of twists and turns at the end too, though I ultimately like how it ended, in the epilogue. So, if you like twisty murder books with lots of details, check this book out.


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