February Reading Recap

My reading this year is going so well! I’m enjoying almost all of what I’m reading, I don’t feel like I’m speeding through books, and I’m keeping up with some of my resolutions.

See my January Reading Recap here

I read a lot of books I’d been meaning to read for awhile this month, including TWO official BOTM picks, 2 ARCs that ended up being BOTM picks, the National Book Award winner, a book for my DAR bookclub, and the book I am doing a library book club for in March. Woo! Plus, I read THREE ARCs of books that don’t come out until later this year, finished the Truly Devious series, and finally read The Sun Also Rises. As I mentioned, I’m trying to read one classic I’ve never read before, so The Sun Also Rises was my February pick.

I read 16 books in February 2020. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Daughter of Chaos
  • Trust Exercise
  • Genesis Begins Again
  • Hearts Unbroken
  • An Anonymous Girl (ARC)
  • The Witches: Salem 1692 (DAR book club)
  • Anna K: A Love Story (ARC)
  • Suffragists in Washington DC (library book club)
  • The Sun Also Rises
  • Stepping Stones
  • The Sun Down Motel (BOTM)
  • Cilka’s Journey
  • The Hand on the Wall (audio)
  • Twins (ARC)
  • More Than Maybe (ARC)
  • Good Habits, Bad Habits (audio)

I actually read a LOT of what I said I was going to read in February, which is impressive for me. Didn’t get to They Both Die at the End (or really any of my Kindle books…) but I just really struggle to get INTO them when its just on my screen. I can go back and forth, but diving in from the get-go on Kindle is hard.

For my February BOTM pick, I got The Holdout, and I haven’t gotten around to reading it yet…but I might…soon. Maybe.

For my March BOTM picks, I selected The Kingdom of Back by Marie Lu (YA box, last month) and Red White And Royal Blue (which I already read but wanted a hardback of)–that will be fun to get to!

For March, I’m planning a big undertaking: I’m planning to read all the Newbery Winners since I was born. Yup, that’s 25 of them. The 2020 winner was a graphic novel, and one of the winners was a picture book, but the rest of them are full books so that’ll be interesting. I have a good stack of them already on my desk at work, and I could supplement some of them on audio, but I will probably try to keep listening to some nonfiction audiobooks to stay balanced. Not sure which ones yet, but I know former Bachelor Colton Underwood has a book coming out on the last day of March, and I’ve already pre-ordered it on Audible. I also want to try and squeeze in a re-read of The Cerulean and a read of its sequel, The Alcazar, in March, but I recognize it will likely get pushed to April. At least I already read my March Book Club picks! And my BOTM

Because of the heavy reading schedule this month (self-inflicted, lol), I’m leaning towards a shorter classic I haven’t read–like Age of Innocence–especially since I really liked House of Mirth the THREE times I read it in college.

What did you read in February?


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